• Responsible Play
What is Responsible Play?
Responsible Play refers to protecting players by allowing them to minimize or stop indulging in game-play beyond their means or for excessive periods of time. Responsible play features are intended to ensure fair and safe gaming experience that protect players from any adverse consequences of the game.
Key Aspects of Responsible Play
Online rummy operators should follow Responsible Gameplay Standards to ensure player protection and safety.
Useful Tools to Help Players to Play Responsibly
Deposit limit
Time Out
Reality Checks
Are You Responsible?
Self-assessment tool is a reliable and standardized measure of assessing risky behavior while playing. It is a tool based on research on the common signs and consequences of problematic gaming.

If you have concerns about the way you play, take the following quick survey to check out:
If you score, 8 or above. You are at High risk. We advise you to take a break from playing online for real money. We urge you to play for recreation and avoid playing long hours.
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